What is BookFly?

For Our Customers?

BookFly is an online book price comparison site. It allows you to find the cheapest place to buy a book on the internet and then takes you there to purchase that book. By utilising a live pricing system and showing only reputable online retailers, BookFly will find the cheapest place to buy a book at any point in time.

Just put your keywords into our easy to use search facility and get the results back in seconds. It’s that easy!

How Can BookFly benefit my Business?

The BookFly system can be customised to meet your needs. Whether you are a university wanting to provide a student service in your own unique format or you’re a website that would like to add a new customer service, this can be easily achieved.

You will be able to offer your customers all the benefits of the BookFly system in a style that suits your business.

And here is the real benefit… BookFly can make you money! With every book sold via the integrated BookFly system you make a percentage commission.

There is no setup costs or monthly fees involved for our basic integrated system and we can get you setup in a matter of hours. As we do not charge any fees we split the commissions made from each sale made via your site.

The site is quality controlled and we track every order made through our affiliate online retailers via special tracking codes.

For more information either contact us or if you wish to become a BookFly Publisher Sign Up Now